Deep Fat Fryer and the technology behind it

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To understand the technology behind the deep fat fryer, it is essential to get an idea of how food gets fried in the oil. It is synonymous to a chemical reaction, wherein two chemical processes happen, viz heating and dehydration. The first process is the heating followed by the dehydration.

As the oil gets heated, the food immersed or partially submerged in it receives the heat through the heat transfer mechanism. Dehydration phenomenon sets in, wherein the moisture within the food escapes to the surface of the food.

Simultaneously the food is cooked due to the heat and the rapid loss in the moisture content which gives the puffiness and the crispy taste to the food. The moisture that leaves as vapour from the food increases the convection of the oil.

The convection in conjunction with the oil’s high temperature gives a uniform heating to the food immersed in the oil. This is the characteristic reaction behind the frying chemistry. The deep frying mechanism imitates the same but in a different manner. One needs to just submerge the food in to the oil kept inside the deep fat fryer.

The key area is the energy efficiency parameter. The fried food becomes dangerous to health only if it is overcooked and burnt. The source of the heat energy varies in the deep far fryers and often commonly it is either the electric or the gas variety. Many factors in the deep fat fryer control the cooking process and energy efficiency. Read More…

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